Axonify Inc.

How I helped strategize and design a communication solution for frontline workers and carved out the largest product addition to a leading training platform

Product Design & Strategy
User Research
UX Roadmapping
BandMaster is an app targeted at up and coming independent artists in the thriving Indian music scene that helps them track and take control of their event bookings, fan outreach, and content. venture-backed company and leader in the microlearning space. As their first Product Designer, I worked closely with a cross-functional team to create and execute on a vision that modernized the app across multiple platforms.
Jan - Aug 2020
Mobile (iOS and Android)
Product Design & Strategy
User Research
UX Roadmapping
The Challenge
Once the leader in the frontline training market, Axonify was beginning to lose deals to newer, mobile-first competitors. The app's UI and look and feel was cited as being dated and prospects were concerned it wouldn't be engaging enough for their audiences. We knew we had to modernize the app but where do we start?

I conducted multiple discovery activities to help understand and scope the specific problems and opportunities we needed to address in a modernization effort. The main activities included:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Heuristics Evaluation (of self and competitors)
  • Quantitative analysis of engagement metrics

In order to understand the problem I conducted the following activities:

  • stakeholder interviews
  • competitive analysis

Stakeholder Interviews

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